Alliance Benefit Group, LLC (ABG) is the nation’s largest network of independently owned and operated retirement plan consulting, administration and recordkeeping service providers. Our uniquely tailored 401(k) Choice program helps advisors build a successful retirement plan business.

National Strength

When you choose to work with ABG to build your 401(k) plan business, you’ll leverage the brand and strength of our strong and stable organization. We are experts in supporting investment professionals in the 401(k) market and you’ll find ABG offices coast-to-coast including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Our affiliates currently manage retirement plans for over 20,000 plan sponsors, representing $70 billion in assets—and most importantly—are actively guiding over 1.3 million participants toward a successful retirement outcome.

Our growth and significant position in the industry has been the result of a client and partner-focused strategy that values each and every relationship. We treat each investment professional and plan sponsor client as an opportunity to leverage our expertise and scale to develop a custom approach that meets their unique needs. And we make sure you shine as we help evaluate and design leading retirement plan strategies to meet your clients’ needs.

ABG—let our strength help you grow your business.

Local Support

ABG’s network of over 50 offices nationwide means we’re probably not far from where you are located. We have a national reach and coverage, but also a local presence to support you. Our business model has been purposely designed to help investment professionals build their retirement plan business. Specifically, our team of over 100 expert retirement industry sales professionals are ready and available to help you win business. In most cases, we can put an ABG sales professional at your side in plan sponsor presentations to fully illustrate the strength of our combined services.

ABG—we’re here where you need us.

Expert Team

In the highly regulated and complex environment of qualified retirement plans, you need experts on whom you can rely. Each client benefits from ABG’s deep and broad roster of attorneys, accountants, industry credentialed experts and highly knowledgeable staff. As a result, you can rest assured that your hard-won plans will “stay on the books” for years to come, helping you build a successful business.

Working with ABG is like a championship team working in practiced harmony with a great quarterback. You’re that quarterback. You lead the client relationship and ABG supports your efforts at each step in the process with a team to help you win the business, design a custom plan to fit the client’s needs, and manage the administration and recordkeeping functions so that the plan and client relationships stay strong and stay on course. And you stay on top.

ABG—our team is part of your team.

Building your 401(k) practice—make the best choice. ABG 401(k) Choice.