ABG 401(k) Choice

Alliance Benefit Group specializes in supporting financial professionals who are interested in building a thriving 401(k) plan business. We're happy you’re here and invite you to learn how ABG 401(k) Choice is the best choice to achieve this goal. For your easy reference we’ve made our corporate brochure available for download. Click the thumbnail to access the PDF.

ABG – Strength, Stability, Expertise
  • Over 50 offices nationwide, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico
  • Servicing more than 20,000 plan sponsors
  • Managing over $70 billion in retirement assets
  • Helping guide over 1.3 million participants toward a successful retirement
  • Partnering with financial professionals to make it happen

Making the Case for 401(k) Choice

Making the Case for 401(k) Choice

As an investment professional, you no doubt see the value in managing assets in employer sponsored retirement plans as a component of your business. Not only are the assets in retirement plans attractive, the fact that contributions flow into the plans on a scheduled basis makes them natural growth vehicles for your business. Additionally, you have the opportunity to forge relationships with the business owners and their employees, many of whom, are wonderful candidates for your services.

But we all know too well that the complexities and regulatory requirements of qualified retirement plans, make it all but impossible to service these plans without dedicating your practice to managing retirement plans. There are fiduciary concerns, a complex sales process, participant education and enrollment responsibilities, and highly specialized administration and recordkeeping requirements. ABG 401(k) Choice is the solution.

401(k) Choice – Supported by Alliance Benefit Group

401(k) Choice – Supported by Alliance Benefit Group

Like a MVP quarterback or a world-class surgeon, you need an expert team around you to succeed. ABG 401(k) Choice is that team. We bring to bear our vast network of industry-leading experts to create a simple, elegant solution that enables you to compete and win retirement plan business.

401(k) Choice provides all the necessary services to efficiently and effectively manage the many complexities and regulatory requirements inherit in selling and servicing qualified retirement plans, including:

  • Professional Sales Support – our extensive network of over 100 sales consultants nationwide means we provide you with local, expert sales support—including proposal generation—to address the details so you can focus on communicating your value.
  • 3(38) Fiduciary Protection – ABG acts as the Investment Manager to the plan, allowing you to guide the broader relationship with the business owner(s).
  • Education and Enrollment Support – we can arm you with high-quality, professional education and enrollment materials to help facilitate successful participation and contribution rates.
  • Administration , Recordkeeping and Consulting – we do the heavy lifting for your clients. You can count on our expertise and industry-leading services to keep your plans on the books for years to come.

In addition to these key components, 401(k) Choice also provides:

  • Investment Policy Statements
  • Quarterly Investment Monitoring Reports
  • Auto-Enrollment to Increase Participation
  • Auto-Escalation to Increase Contributions
  • Plan Sponsor Website Access to Plan & Participant Information
  • Participant Website Access to Account Information
  • Advisor Website Access for You to View Plan & Participant Information

You and ABG 401(k) Choice. A great team.

ABG 401(k) Choice is your partner for success. You don’t need to be a 401(k) expert to build a successful 401(k) business. You leverage your contacts and relationships and ABG will support you with all the 401(k) and regulatory details. Together, we can build a thriving 401(k) business with happy clients and help drive positive participant outcomes.

Building your 401(k) practice—make the best choice. ABG 401(k) Choice.